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Autumn 2023
The Carved Totem
Badock’s Wood Project Plans – 2020 onwards.

Friends of Badock’s Wood has undertaken many projects in the 20+ years that the group has been going.

We have raised large sums of money from grants from the National Lottery to small grants during Bristol’s European Green Capital Year in 2015. We have also received many donations small and large from visitors and members of the Friends of Badock’s Wood.

Now we are raising more funds for projects in Badock’s Wood.

We have set up a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe and as we are all volunteers, any money raised from that site will be spent on projects in the wood.

Click here to go to our GoFundMe page. You can donate as little or as much as you like. There is no minimum and of course every donation counts.

What projects are planned?

Read on to find out more.

We are looking forward to bringing more sculptures and benches into the wood as the ones that have been commissioned by the Friends are now being reclaimed by the woodland as part of the natural cycle of wood.

The wooden steps (3 sets in all) are also decaying and in need of complete replacement, and the old stone bridge over the River Trym is damaged (it dates back to about the 1880s).

Below are pictures of previous projects on this page which show how some of these are now in need of replacement as soon as we can raise the money.

To see our annual reports including our financial reports click here.

The Green Man
Before the Green Man

Before the Green Man – the standing tree top left is the dead tree that was carved with the Green Man.

The Green Man

The Green Man in all his glory.

After the Green Man

Eventually nature reclaimed the tree through rot and fungi and it is now a habitat on the woodland floor along with the other fallen trees already there.

The Fallen Horse Chestnut
The Fallen Chestnut

This horse chestnut tree blew down one winter. The Council left it so that we could have it carved and also show what the underneath of a tree looks like – usually underground and not seen.

The Carved Spider

The children from Badock’s Wood Primary School offered some designs for the sculpture and the spider, butterflies and snake were chosen.

Fungi growing on Carved Spider

But horse chestnut is quite a soft wood and the tree probably already had fungus growing in it before it fell. So it has become not only a wonderful sculpture but home to lots of fungi and small plants.

The Spider is slowly reclaimed by nature

These natural processes, weathering and fungal growth are steadily reclaiming the spider and its tree stump.

More Benches
The Willow Bank bench

Willow Bank Sofa – this sculptured bench is still there and weathering gently.

The Triangle bench

This bench, on the Triangle, was created many years ago but now needs replacing.

Old benches

These benches were created many years ago but need replacing. Indeed the right hand one has gone altogether now!

Steps and Bridges

The steps in the wood offer an opportunity to explore the woodland from a different angle and to offer variety of routes for visitors. These have served us well but now need to be replaced.

Old Stone Bridge

This bridge was certainly here in 1881 and probably for some while before that. But it needs some repairs and if we want it to have a long life we need to raise some funds to help it live another 150 year.

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